An organization works like a human body.

Within a healthy human being, essential organs communicate via complex systems. These systems control the organs individually and keep them alive to function perfectly as a whole.
In a successful corporation, the vitality beats in the working and communication processes of that organization and raises the creativity, productivity and efficiency in its departments and divisions.

Even in 60 A. D., Iuvenalis knew that a sane spirit could live only in a sane body.

Today LiegertConsulting knows that it takes a healthy corporate spirit living in a modern and successful business to encourage an authentic corporate culture, innovation and new starts.

Each employee is enthused by this corporate spirit.

YOU determine which kind of corporate spirit lives within and through your employees.


We spot the individual in the focus!

  • In the complexity of organizations, we recognize correlations, processes and work flows.
  • We spot areas of conflict and work out proposals for their settlement embedding legal aspects.
  • We believe in the empowerment and support of the individual employee as well as in team building.
  • We make sure that, based on their talents and resources, employees fit into their assignments.
  • Together, we will develop training concepts and programmes for your employees. We will assist you in rolling out and embedding your corporate culture.
  • We offer workshops for teams and selected workgroups as well as individual coaching for managers and employees.


Motivated, we hit the road together to reach your targets in the shortest and most effective way.



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