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The following services are offered in both German and English:


zum Text Management Support
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zum Text Empowerment of Employees
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Corporate Culture

Management Support:

Based on systemic and traditional methods, we analyse corporate culture, organizational structures and communication flows. Together, we will elaborate and develop new strategies and then roll them out using individual as well as group coaching and training.
We will accompany you in all business cycles, including succession periods, such as take over or merger.

As your partner, we will be alongside you in the preparation of new grounds!


Corporate Social Responsibility:

originally was introduced in the USA: according to the Green Book of the European Commission of 2001, it is known as “… the concept, which lays the voluntary foundation for companies to integrate social and environmental aspects into their business plans.” The rules, which are accepted on a discretionary basis, cover three areas:

  1. Economic criteria: should allow for fair competition and guarantee transparency.
    Companies listed at the stock exchange, such as DaimlerChrysler AG, accept the Codes of Corporate Governance. Investor confidence, in the respective company, is strengthened by pursuing an open and transparent investor relations policy as well as reporting lines.
  2. Social criteria: comprise, for instance:
    • observance of social rights
    • support of discriminated groups
    • compliance with the standards of human rights treaties
  3. Ecological criteria: such as
    • sustainable management of resources
    • climate protection
    • social and economic responsibility towards the environment and society

Mag. Ute Liegert is CSR-Consultant and member of the CSR-Experts Group of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

We show you how to realize your visions!


Human Resources Advice:

This covers, for instance:

  • job descriptions, qualification profiles
  • planning and allocation of human resources
  • evaluation and improvement of existing working time models
  • career and business coaching

Empowerment of Employees:

This covers, for instance:

  • description and strengthening of human resources
  • evaluation of job performances
  • development of training programmes
  • organization and realization of interactive workshops
  • lectures in Austria and abroad

To success with the best team!


Relationship and Process Management:

This covers, for instance:

  • management of internal and external relationships
  • process evaluation and improvement within the organization
  • conflict management, as well as alternative methods of dispute settlement


Legal Advice

On the basis of our trade licence, we are also offering external legal consulting.

As an external consultant, we will offer you our expertise, work out solutions with you and answer your legal questions. We also will support you in the implementation of the suggested measures.
We offer our clients a full range of legal services from individual legal advice to the entire outsourcing of a legal department.

Let’s master the business challenges in the best conditions!


Our team covers the following Rechtsgebietefields of law.





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