The coach:   is defined as a consultant, companion, and as an
“obstetrician”, who offers help for self-help.
The principle:   the coach and the coachee (customer) are equal experts in their respective fields and professions.
The roots:   the coaching technique is based on biological principles. Systemic coaching, in accordance with the Kieler consulting method, comprises the best and most efficient of coaching approaches. Systemic coaches achieve outstanding results in the world of competitive sports as well as the business world. That is why the most successful managers consult their systemic coaches on a regular basis in order to experience external perspectives, see other points of view and thus gain new insights and fresh ideas.
Our offer:  

we advice and assist people to enable them to gain insight into their talents, opportunities and strengths. Consequently, they free up resources, which allows them, not only to recognize, but, to follow new paths. We coach both business men and women.

In addition, we offer private coaching for individuals of all ages and from all areas of business, who want to open their minds to new aspects and to gain fresh momentum in their lives.


Wing your ideas. New horizons set you free!



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